Find Below Some Of Our Recently Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) By Our Clients With Regards To Purchasing Cannabis And Related Products On Our Website.

Ordering Process

Is It Safe Ordering From Bayqueen Meds UK?

Though marijuana is not legal in the UK (for reasons being they wanted to eliminate competition from the tinctures), it is very difficult to Mail Order Marijuana within this region. However, we have been delivering Cannabis with the UK and Ireland for the past years and NO one has even been caught. So we assure you of a 100% delivery rate.

How Do I Set Up An Account?

Firstly, Visit “MY ACCOUNT” page.
Secondly, Fill out the form.
Thirdly, Click Register.
Lastly, you are ready to place orders.

How Can I Place An Order?

Find Below A Step By Step Guide:
1. Visit the “Products” page and review our products by clicking the product title.
2. Select a Product and choose “ADD TO CART” or “SELECT OPTIONS” to choose the Quantity or Weight of the product; then “ADD TO CART”.
3. Click the “CART” or “VIEW CART” when you are done to review your order.
4. Remove unwanted items by clicking the “X” button. Add/reduce quantities by clicking the “+” and “-“ buttons beside a product. Click “UPDATE CART”.
5. Click “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” when ready.
6. Review your billing details, shipping details and order details.
7. Before placing your order. You need to read and accept our Terms & Conditions.
8. Choose “PLACE ORDER” when you are done; if your purchase fails, you may need to setup an ACCOUNT before you can order products.
9. Check your email for a confirmation Email and next steps to issue the payment.
10. Kindly follow the Instructions on How to pay with bitcoin and make the payment.
11. After the payment is done, please send us a copy of the payment confirmation via email.


How Safe & Secured Is My Order?

All orders are handled with care and sealed properly to protect our client’s privacy.
Shipping via UK Post ensures your order will be sent 100% discreetly and securely.

What Happens After I Submit Payment?

– As soon as payment is confirmed, your order will be processed and will shipped same day for orders before 3pm and the following business day for orders after 3pm. We’ll email your tracking number as soon as it is available.
– Track your order and know when to receive your package.

Why Is My Order On Hold?

Generally when order is placed, it automatically enters our system to be on hold. Please note once we receive your payment, your order status will automatically change to processing then be processed and shipped out the following business day excluding weekends. For orders that change to processing during the weekend, they will be shipped out the following Monday when the post office is open.

What If I Do Not Submit Payment For My Order?

Should in case we do not receive your payment within 72 hours, our system will delete that on-hold order.

How Do I Change Or Cancel My Order?

Unfortunately our system does not allow you to edit or cancel an order once it has been placed. However, you can still contact us at sales@bayqueenmeds.com for cancellations. On the other hand, you can still place a new order and your original one will cancel automatically if left unpaid after three days.

Do You Ship Outside Of The UK & Ireland?

Yes, we ship all over Europe, USA and Asia

Shipping Services

How Long To Receive My Package?

We offer free standard, next day and same day express post shipping on all orders. You will find out more information on the checkout page. In some cases if you reside in a rural area or small population city, it might take a bit longer than usual. So please do contact us if such happens.

Why Haven’t I Received My Tracking Number?

If you sent payment and still haven’t received the tracking number by 8 PM, kindly contact us the following business day so that one of our customer service representatives will take a look. If your order is still on hold, that means we have not received your payment yet and your order has not been processed.

Tracking States “Successfully Delivered” But I Haven’t Received My Package

The postal worker may have accidentally delivered your package to the wrong address. Sometimes, they occasionally drop packages at your neighbor’s homes or wrong mailbox. Ask your neighbor’s if they saw it or simply look around their premises. You may also check the community mailbox.
Postal workers may also have scanned a package as “successfully delivered” but it will actually arrive the next business day. Please allow 24 hours to see if you package arrives and do contact us if it hasn’t

What Happens If I Do Not Receive My Package?

We offer full insurance for your order, meaning if it gets lost in transit we will replace your package. ONE REPLACEMENT PER ORDER. This usually never happens however we like to give our clients full confidence when purchasing at bayqueenmeds.com. NB: We do not offer replacement packages on your order if the tracking number says delivered.

I Entered A Wrong Address And The Order Is Shipped?

If a package is not able to be delivered due to an incorrect address provided by the customer, please update your shipping address immediately in order to reflect future orders.