Abacus Diesel Delta 8 Gummies


Each gummy contains approx. 10mg of Delta 8 and comes in a 20 Count, Child-Proof Mylar Bag.

Weight of each gummy is 3.5 grams

Important: This product contains DELTA 8 THC.



Buy Abacus Diesel Delta 8 Gummies  Online UK

Are You Looking for a way to chill and get some relief without having to smoke? Try this delicious Abacus Diesel Delta 8 Gummies. One 10mg vegan gummy is all you need to get into a state of bliss. This proprietary strain boasts a diverse variety of terpenes offering a OG fuel flavor. Flavored only with our Abacus Diesel terpenes. No artificial terpenes or flavorings, ever.

This Abacus Diesel Delta 8 Vegan Fruit Snacks (Delta 8 Gummies) are a great way to relax. Flavored only with our own Abacus Diesel Terpenes, they are a delicious way to help you chill and get some calm. Each Delta 8 Gummy is 10mg and comes 20 to a bag.

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