Alpha THC Gummies 2500mg


Content: 20 Gummies Per Box


Sativa Cherry Sour Diesel

Hybrid Watermelon OG Kush

Indica Grape Purple Alien



Buy Alpha THC Gummies 2500mg Online UK

Are You Capable of Handling True THC Potency? Each Alpha THC Gummies 2500mg contains 125 mg of D8, D10, THCP, and 11 Hydroxy, for a total of 2500 mg per jar (20 gummy bears).

Serving Size: Depending on how much THC you’ve previously consumed, a typical serving size is a 1/4 or 1/2 gummy. If properly stored in a cool place, such as a refrigerator, these Delta 8 gummy candies will last for more than a year.

Total THC concentration: 2500 mg, with 125 mg of THC in each D8 gummy bear and 20 bears per pack. Delta 8 resealable plastic bottle containing hemp as the main ingredient.

∆9THC content: <0.3%


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