ALTO Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar


Contents: 12 Chocolate Bites Per Bar


Dark Chocolate & Toasted Coconut
Salted Caramel & Pecans
Milk Chocolate & Toffee



Buy ALTO Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar Online UK

Each ALTO Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar contains 3.5g of psilocybe, while each square contains 230 mg.

This is a fantastic medical remedy with vegan-friendly flavors made with the finest Belgian chocolate. You can choose between three delectable flavors.

Milk Chocolate & Toffee

This divine treat combines bittersweet dark chocolate with delicately toasted coconut for a delightfully delectable taste. It’s difficult to remember this.

Salted Caramel & Pecans

Aromatic milk chocolate blended with delicious toffee. It is comparable to taking psilocybin satin by mouth. The best combination is sugar and chocolate. Please give it a shot!

Dark Chocolate & Toasted Coconut

To make a creamy caramel flavor with just the right amount of crunch, combine all of the ingredients. A delicious psilocybin-infused magic mushroom treat.

Once the smooth caramel and psilocybin have entered your mouth, we don’t believe there is a better way to take your dose.



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