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About this elusive Aztec God Magic Mushrooms, not much is known. According to legend, several daring individuals embarked on a trek through Central America to look for these mushrooms.

Whoever it was, they were out to find the magic mushrooms that the ancient Aztecs had been using in what is now Mexico. The Aztecs utilized a type of fungus called Psilocybe aztecorum, which is the sole issue.

The Psilocybe cubensis that we are familiar with is considerably different from this type of magic mushroom, which prefers to grow on wood. This strain is definitely P. cubensis and not P. aztecorum, that much is certain.

This suggests that either the Aztec God Magic Mushrooms were discovered in Central America or that they were a hybrid of two strains. The only thing we can be certain of is that this strain only recently arose.

The Effects

This strain of magic mushrooms can transport you inside of your own head. It is reflective and will provide you with profound personal insights.

A strain called Aztec Gods nearly seems to be created for spiritual use. These mushrooms are ideal for communicating with the gods because of their intense introspective qualities.

But you’ll need to take enough and prepare if you want to have a genuine spiritual experience. Those preparations will make it so that you’re entirely relaxed and ready to open your third eye.

These preparations essentially come down to the well-researched idea of set and setting. Your physical environment is known as the setting, but your mental environment is known as the set.


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