Blaze Kratom Extract Gummies


Contains: 10 Gummies

Weight: 50 Grams

Each gummy contains approximately 10-11 MIT kratom.



Buy Blaze Kratom Extract Gummies Online UK

These premium full spectrum Blaze Kratom Extract Gummies are a surefire hit for the masses.

Each Pack of Blaze Premium Kratom Gummies contains 10 pieces of infused gummies. You will get 10-11 mg of alkaloids from each piece making it a potent edible.

No more messing with scoops of kratom or bitter-tasting shots.  Now, these full-spectrum kratom gummies come in to take kratom more mainstream.

Here at our shop, we’ve added a new product: Kratom gummies. These gummies offer a tasty and enjoyable way to incorporate kratom into your diet.

The flavor of kratom isn’t for everyone, and it’s this flavor that may deter some users from reaping the benefits that kratom has to offer.  By having simple gummies dosing your daily kratom mitragynine intake has never been easier.

The users can get a full-spectrum dose all while having a very little to no bitter kratom taste.

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