Cherry Abacus CBD Pre Roll


Contains: 1g King Size Cone

CBD Content: 10%



Buy Cherry Abacus CBD Pre Roll Online UK

This Cherry Abacus CBD Pre Roll is derived from the Cherry Abacus cultivar which was born after years of breeding and phenotype selecting. It is choose from the berriest terpene profile that encaptures the true sweet and fruity essence of the Original Cherry, and crossed that with the wild berry essence of our Original Abacus.

Combining the comprehensive cannabinoid and terpene profiles of both the Cherry and the Abacus, this Cherry Abacus is relaxing and smooth but invigorating and refreshing at the same time. Cherry Abacus is a Diesel Hemp proprietary cultivar developed in-house.

Cherry Abacus premium hemp flower has a distinct sweet and fruity cherry flavor plus the wild berry notes of our Original Abacus, providing a smooth and refreshing smoking experience, truly distinct and delicious.


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