Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms


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The Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms is the most common and popular strain of psilocybe cubensis that every psychonaut has tested and proven! This mushroom variety earns its proper name because to its gleaming yellow-gold crowns and insightful lessons.

Golden Teacher mushrooms are renowned for their enlightening qualities, euphoric effects, and consistent high. While offering fewer images, these mushrooms offer a vast range of perceptual experiences. For those new to magic mushrooms, they are advised.

These mushrooms are available in dried form in weights of 28 grammes. Our dried mushroom products are shipped in superior sealed containers that protect your mushrooms from deterioration (light and oxygen).

There are several reasons people consume Golden Teacher mushrooms. Indeed, the therapeutic advantages of psychedelic mushrooms to aid mental wellness illnesses have helped to shape the current psychedelic renaissance.

However, people have been eating these mushrooms for decades for a variety of reasons, some of which are listed here:

For Mental Wellness,
For Recreational Use and
For Spiritual Use


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