Hixotic Live Resin Cart 2g


Contains: 2 Grams

Each vape cart contains THC-O and THC-P hemp extract in a high-quality 2-gram cart.

Also has Live Resin



Buy Hixotic Live Resin Cart 2g Online UK

The Hixotic Live Resin Cart 2g Jeffrey THCO | THCP | D10 | HHC will have you rubbing the furry wall just like Get Him To Greek! This blend is a high quality potent sativa like blend. If your looking for energy and focus, this cart has you covered!

A unique cart from one of our favorite movies Get Him To Greek. This cart will definitely have you wishing you had a furry wall to pet! A potent sativa like blend of THCO THCP Delta 10 and HHC.

Not for the feint of heart.

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