King Kratom Extract Powder


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King Kratom Extract Powder is perfect for experienced kratom users or users who are no longer feeling the same effects they’d like from a regular kratom powder.

Kratom extract is relatively concentrated. The first processes in producing kratom extract are the same. However, additional steps are made to concentrate it. The dried leaves of the kratom plant or previously prepared fine kratom powder are cooked.

Boiling is allowed to proceed for an extended period of time before being strained. This procedure is more akin to brewing tea. All of the alkaloids are extracted in this manner, making them more potent.

When the Kratom plant matures, it is ground into powder. The adult kratom plant’s leaves are dried before being pulverized. These leaves are coarsely crushed and ground into a thin powder. Kratom powder is the entire plant, with nothing removed.

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