Lions Mane Mushroom CBD Capsules


Contents: 60 Capsules, 1000mg CBD

Flavors: Natural Flavor

Mushroom Type: Lions Mane





Buy Woodies Lions Mane Mushroom CBD Capsules UK

The benefits of our pure, broad-spectrum CBD are mixed with a number of health-promoting ingredients, such as beta-glucans and antioxidants, in Woodies Lions Mane Mushroom CBD Capsules.

Details Regarding Lions Mane Mushrooms

Lion’s Mane, also known as Hericium Erinaceus, is one of our favourite mushrooms at Woodies and has a long history of use in herbal Chinese medicine.

According to research, lion’s mane can be beneficial for a number of health issues, including anxiety and depression. Additionally, this healing mushroom can improve general immunity and lessen dementia symptoms.

100% Lions mane whole mushroom, triple-distilled CBD that is 98% pure, 1% pure CBG, and zero percent THC.


Use two capsules daily.




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