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Many distinct bioactive components found only in mushrooms cannot be found in plant or animal sources alone. OM Certified Organic Mushroom Powder contains 2,000mg of Certified Organic Mushroom Powder Blend per serving.

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The Overachiever of Nature.
Cordyceps is the organic mushroom that just won’t go away. The first people to find this magic mushroom were Tibetan herdsmen in high elevations. Cordyceps is highly regarded among herbalists because it improves oxygen intake and boosts endurance, both of which increase physical energy and vitality. To accomplish your goals, find the inner strength and endurance you need.

Lion’s Mane

The Kingdom’s Smartest Mushroom.
Lion’s Mane is the pinnacle of mental performance. This clever vegan mushroom may resemble a lion’s flowing mane, but its flavour is that of a warm cup of cerebral clarity. It is a superfood for the brain that supports mood, creativity, memory, focus, and nerve function. Simply brilliant.


Shroom Stress Away.
With the help of organic Reishi’s adaptogenic properties, face life’s ups and downs. Traditional herbalists believe that functional mushroom adaptogens can help the body deal with normal physical and mental stress by reestablishing balance and immunity in a healthy and natural way. It makes sense why Reishi is known as the king of mushrooms. From this most regal of mushrooms, tranquilly.


The maitake mushroom has received much research. It is a naturally potent source of polysaccharides that support gut health and is used by traditional herbalists to aid with weight management and blood sugar support. Maitake works best when paired with calorie-restricted eating and frequent exercise. Your weight friend.


The Youth Mushroom
Our forefathers were correct. Only part of the solution lies in lotions and potions. What matters most is what’s inside. Chaga is a polyphenol powerhouse that aids in outwitting free radical damage for healthy ageing at any age. It is revered for its holy antioxidants. Feel radiantly young both inside and out. older feels younger now.



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