Organic Cordyceps Mushroom Powder


Weight: 50g





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Excellent for: Increasing energy levels, improving athletic performance, and providing natural immune support. Organic Cordyceps Mushroom Powder could raise your VO2 Max

Nutrient composition over 47% of immune-supporting beta-glucans and secondary metabolites like cordycepin are present.

Mild, earthy, and just a little bit bitter

Why Erbology?

This small-batch cordyceps is produced in Europe under organically regulated conditions, and its quality has been independently assessed by qualified testers.

Top tip: To help release the mushroom’s beta-glucans into a hot beverage like coffee or hot chocolate, stir 1/2 teaspoon into it.


100% organic heteropolysaccharides from Cordyceps sinensis (L.). Non-GMO. Produced in Europe.

The three different cordyceps mushroom parts that we use in our powder—mycelia, fruiting bodies, and secondary fungal metabolites—are referred to as “heteropolysaccharides.”

Take up to two teaspoons of cordyceps powder per day in hot beverages to enjoy. After six to eight weeks, don’t forget to take a rest of around a week. Store at a temperature of less than 40°C in a dark location. Recycle our packaging if you can.

Women who are expecting or nursing should not take cordyceps. This is merely a result of the paucity of research into any potential hazards to these groups. Please with your doctor before usage if you take prescription medication or have a medical condition.




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