Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms


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The psilocybin-containing Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms are renowned for their profound shamanic experiences, vision quests, and strong spiritual experiences. As they fall on the high potency/higher potency side, they are advised for intermediate and expert users. The effects of penis envy mushrooms are more potent, visual, and euphoric than those of Psilocybe cube-containing species.

The effects of Penis Envy have typically been described as being the same as those of any other psilocybin mushroom. subjectively speaking. There are many psychedelic users out there but there is evidence that Penis Envy’s potency has increased. Penis Envy strains can be 50 to 100% more potent on average than standard Psilocybe Cube strains.

Comparing penis envy mushrooms to Golden Teacher mushrooms is the most effective way to experience their greater potency. Customers of mental health apps and psychonauts alike see Golden Teachers as the gold standard. Golden Teachers are renowned for having moderate potency, but Penis Envys are regarded as having medium to high potency from flush to flush.


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