Rave Kratom Extract Shot


Product Features:

  • Full Spectrum
  • 270mg Total Alkaloid Content
  • 15ml
  • 120mg MIT
  • Gold Goddess

Each 15ml bottle contains 270mg total alkaloids and 120mg from mitragynine making it a full spectrum shot.

Available Shots: Gold Goddess, Green Maeng Da Bliss, Red Bali Bliss

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Buy Rave Kratom Extract Shot Online UK

Rave Kratom Extract Shot is their take on a energy based extract shot. Just like their other shots this is a full spectrum shot. Each shot contains 270mg total alkaloid content, 120mg of that coming from mitragynine.

When thinking of gold kratom strains we know that gold is created when green kratom and white kratom are mixed together. This leaves you with a highly euphoric white strain leaning effect. This gold kratom extract shot is perfect to get you moving. Gold being a mix of green and white you can expect to feel euphoria and mood boosting benefits from the green and energy from the white!

Rave Kratom Green Maeng Da Bliss Extract Shot is a full spectrum shot great for any time of the day. This shot was created to mimic the feelings you receive when drinking a green powder kratom. If your familiar with kratom you know most shots are created with high energy in mind whereas a powder can provide additional benefits like euphoria and mood enhancement. This extract shot is the perfect happy medium for beginners and veterans alike!

Rave Kratom Extract Shot For Sale Online UK

Just like Rave’s other Extract shots this a full spectrum shot. This means your not only getting one or two alkaloids you are getting all of the alkaloids which when combined, just like THC and CBD create the “entourage effect” letting you reap the full benefits of the plant. Red Bali is great for pain relief and sedation but also has stimulating properties. This makes it great to use during the workday while still being stimulated enough to work!

Each shot contains 270mg total alkaloid content and 120mg mitragyine content.

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