StayLit Delta 8 THC Bites


Quantity: 1000 mg


Brownie Bites (1000mg Bag/100mg per piece)

Cookie Bites (1000mg Bag/100mg per piece)

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Buy StayLit Delta 8 THC Bites Online UK

StayLit Delta 8 THC Bites is Available in four baked options, choose one that best meets your taste preferences. Each 1000mg bag contains 10 mouthwatering individual treats.

Not only have then baking up some amazing treats, these StayLit Delta 8 BITES are sure to get you BAKED.  Plus it also helps they are delicious and offer a fun way to incorporate Delta 8 THC into your daily routine.

What floats your fancy?  Do you prefer mouth watering brownies/cookies?  Or are you a fan of the crispy cereals. Rest assured StayLit is here to do exactly that, help you stay lit.

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